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This is another test...

So far it's not been as easy as I'd like. But hell, what's worth doing often isn't easy and requires some effort...not historically my strong suit...

This was taken when that horrible man visited the Pope. Ahhh, a Pope I can actually like. Or does he just have good PR?

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Gabby O'Neill is a LA based screenwriter. Sometimes she's a writers' assistant because she loves listening & not smudging white boards.


Gabby has this contact box here becasue she's afraid of unsavory bots acquiring her information to sell her carpet cleaning services.

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I AM NOT wasting tons of time & trying to hide from my life by keeping a blog here...ok, maybe I am, but don't judge! And if I write all this down maybe I won't forget it all...which would be a shame. I'm kinda in love with my story.