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It was the best of times...

Cristina Gabby Bianca Heddy

I cannot recall meeting Bianca. It's almost as if I came out of a blackout and I was already on the phone with her. It was that shockingly fast that she was just always there.

She was older than I by a few years & had already been sober for most of her adult life. I was the opposite. She took me under her loving wing and really never let go. Even though I kept fucking up she kept coming back, urging me to hold on. She never gave up on me. She introduced me to Crisitina, who bacme my constant confidant, as single woman will often do. She showed me that I really did need to shave my arms, we got tattoos together.

She spoke openly about her being raped by her father and the neverending damage that caused. She worked every day to overcome it.

In mid-December 2001 Bianca got into a car with some dude. He crashed his cheesy sports car, I'm sure speeding to impress her. She was killed instantly.

For many people life will never be the same.

This picture was taken in Hollywood, 1996. At that moment all 4 of us had made it through what I thought was the worst, I was sure that nothing could touch us anymore. When I texted Cristina this picture today, she immediately replied with "I miss Bianca."

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