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It's in the blood.

I grew up in a family which placed a high value on cultural content. The walls of our home were adorned with prints of master works & a library was an accepted sign of intelligence and class. Not class as in money, there was little of that, but class as in elegance & style. I intuitively knew these were things to pay attention to, but I admit I never understood the meaning of the prints on our walls. The copies left me cold. It wasn't until I was older and ventured into museums on my own that I finally understood. A print only serves as a reminder of that intangible bliss experienced when one is in the presence of greatness. I hope I am passing this legacy on to my son. For me there is no greater is an extension of love. Lange & Miro- both magicians in my eyes.

#miro #MetropolitanMuseumofArt #culture

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Gabby O'Neill is a LA based screenwriter. Sometimes she's a writers' assistant because she loves listening & not smudging white boards.


Gabby has this contact box here becasue she's afraid of unsavory bots acquiring her information to sell her carpet cleaning services.

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I AM NOT wasting tons of time & trying to hide from my life by keeping a blog here...ok, maybe I am, but don't judge! And if I write all this down maybe I won't forget it all...which would be a shame. I'm kinda in love with my story.