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There are things here 

that maybe you know... 

or maybe you don't. Now u do.

William Burroughs

Sandow Birk

Milton Avery

Guim Tió Zarraluki

Werd up.

Sleep No More I've had the good fortune to be able to see this twice. It'd be better to go it alone than with one who'd not understand.

Nick Cave

Tim Curry / Rocky Horror Picture Show My personal fav.

Liam Sparks I was lucky enough to visit his shop, Old Habits in London where he tattooed my thigh...a armored lamb, both the tattoo & the man.


Favorite regoinal pie, from New Orleans

Cramps, Lux & Ivy

X, Los Angeles. The record that changed my life.

Folkestone Abandoned Ghost Train

Christopher Conn Askew

Only bunnies should have guns.

Jay Adams

Penabranca / Sacred Geometry

Sleep No More

Tom Waits

Keith Morris. Truer words.

Did you ever go?

Richard Serra To walk through this art is an experience of mind & body.

Ralph kissed me on my 30th birthday.

Baron Samedi

Sleep No More

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