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From Humble Beginnings, Madness Has a Foothold.

I must be careful...there are those who would not approve...

The original title of this photograph was "From humble beginnings madness has a foothold." It's a fitting description, not grotesque in dramatic pinnings.

My family is from the south where no tale is too tall or too true. In that part of the world they do strange things, think strange must be the humidity, it warps you.

These two people, my grandmother & my uncle embodied all that is right and all that is wrong in humans. All the grace and humor, all the wretched anger and decay, just like the mold that spreads on the back yard shed.

I will leave you with this, they were both violent alcoholics who were as willing to fight for equal rights as they were for a turkey leg. They stood up for the underdog and cared for the weak. I also had to hide from both of them more of often than I care to remember, they had a habit of leaving scars.

I must be careful...there are those who did not approve.

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