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The Approaching Storm, Lake Travis 1974.

Relationships are complicated and the more you love someone the more complex it gets. What a rub. She is 4 years older than I & so she got the task of being adored by me. We are cousins, not full sisters but we lived together from when I was about 5 until I was 8 and even after we moved apart, we spent all holidays and vacations trapped together. She was mostly bothered by me, all I wanted to do was tag along and who wants a weird 6 year old following you from room to room? She says I bit her cheek during an Xmas photo & I say she ditched me after school. She taught me how to smoke weed through a toilet paper roll & I brought her a suitcase full of salsa after she moved to Paris. She calls me crazy aunt Gabby and I call her a dork. Truth is I will always love her and the years that have stretched us thin don't matter. No matter how hard the feelings, they are worth the weirdness, because she is the bugee & I am the bugger.

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